Washington State Criminal Justice System Plans Digital Transformation with NICE Evidencentral

Evidentral’s ecosystem of integrated technologies and workflow automation tools for digital evidence management will streamline the forensic process across multiple public safety and justice agencies for a large county in Washington State

HOBOKEN, NJ, July 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PLEASANT (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that multiple county agencies in Washington State, including the County Sheriff’s Department, Offices of the Attorney and Designated Counsel, and the Superior Court, will deploy select NICE solutions Evidencentral platform to transform digital evidence management method from incident to court. NICE’s scalable, cloud-based Evidencentral Platform includes an ecosystem of integrated technologies and workflow automation tools that bring digital evidence together to provide a single view of the truth for the forensic process to unfold more efficiently.

Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE, said: “The growth of digital evidence and operational and staffing challenges are impacting the ability of our criminal justice system to deliver on the promise of speedy justice. NICE’s Evidencentral digital transformation platform can help government entities overcome these obstacles and effortlessly unlock the truth of digital evidence to streamline the legal process, in every city, county and state agency.”

NICE’s Evidencentral Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution digitally transforms the way digital evidence is collected, analyzed and shared, from the moment an incident occurs until cases are closed and prosecuted with hit. It overcomes the challenges of digital evidence silos and disjointed work processes by integrating systems and enabling those in the legal process who rely on digital evidence to work more effectively alone and more effectively together.

For example, with automated evidence collection and case building, a county sheriff’s department in Washington state will be able to resolve cases faster, eliminate officers traveling to collect digital evidence and CCTV footage, and process thousands of FOIA requests in a fraction of the time. time.

By eliminating manual labor, prosecutors and defense attorneys can spend more time focusing on clients and cases. Evidencentral also gives attorneys access to powerful tools to create and present compelling cases, all in one place, including evidence annotation, transcription, redaction, and more.

The County Superior Court will also benefit from automated digital methods to receive, track and manage digital evidence; ease of sharing evidence (with juries); and cost-effective and secure preservation of digital evidence in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Additionally, all county agencies will be able to share evidence digitally through a uniform system, with full chain of custody tracking.

One of the officials spearheading the countywide initiative said, “Our digital evidence management processes at our county agencies were manual, expensive and disjointed, and it was further complicated by issues Evidencentral ushers us into a new era, with all of our public safety and criminal justice agencies moving forward together on a unified digital transformation platform. This ultimately enables us to better serve citizens, communities, defendants and victims through a streamlined court process that is efficient, transparent, consistent and fair.

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