Prime Minister of Tasmania – Pursue reforms in our justice system

November 9, 2022

Elise Archer, Attorney General
Justice Ministry

The Department of Justice’s 2021-2022 Annual Report highlights significant reforms made by our government over the past year.

The report confirms that more than 15 bills originating from the Department have been introduced and/or already passed by Parliament during the reporting period, and a number of other bills have been published for consultation.

As Attorney General, I am committed to providing Tasmanians with an effective and efficient justice system, confirming that our government is delivering on this commitment as I continue to push forward a strong law reform agenda which offers an average of 18 law per year.

The report also highlights improvements to the Tasmanian Prison Service (TPS), in particular the completion of the Southern Remand Center in April, which is already making a real difference in meeting the needs of remand prisoners.

Alongside improvements to existing facilities at Risdon Prison Complex, the SRC will facilitate access to tailored services for prisoners, including health and welfare services, work, education, rehabilitation, recreation, religious observance and other relevant activities and services. .

The official opening of the Center in July was a credit to everyone involved in the project and I am very pleased to see the new operating model successfully implemented over the past few months.

Importantly, recruiting into TPS continues to be a top priority, with an unprecedented four recruiting schools commencing in 2022.

And to ensure that Tasmanians can access justice faster, we have appointed three new magistrates and a seventh judge, boosting the capacity of the courts and ensuring that more cases can be heard faster.

Other key achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • launched the first phase of functionality for PlanBuild Tasmania by CBOS which allows users to see the planning areas and codes that apply to a particular property;
  • allocating over $7 million in additional funding to the Legal Aid Sector;
  • the implementation of the Primary Producer Safety Rebate Scheme through WorkSafe Tasmania which, as of June 30, had paid out over $3.1 million to improve safety on farms; and
  • Launching a new Wellness Support Service that offers a range of services to support the physical and mental health of all staff in our Department of Justice.

I will continue to do all I can to support Tasmanians who interact with our justice system, as we deliver our plan to strengthen Tasmania’s future.

The annual report can be viewed on the Department of Justice website at

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