Peters launches judicial review proceedings

Winston Peters brought judicial review proceedings against the Speaker of the House, the Right Honorable Trevor Mallard, challenging Mr. Mallard’s issuance of a trespassing warning against Mr. Peters on April 28, 2022, which the Speaker then dismissed. retired May 4, 2022.

In his May 4, 2022 press release, Mr Mallard said he had worked with the Police and Parliamentary Security to continuously assess threats to Parliament, and the advice he had received was that he was “no longer necessary to retain trespass notices for five of these individuals”.

Mr Mallard said:

“The behavior of some individuals was clearly more egregious than others, and on that basis, it [was]
relatively easy to identify individuals who have received trespass notices and who are no longer considered to pose a risk to the safety and security of others in Parliament”.

In his application, Mr. Peters argues that he never posed a risk or threat to the safety and security of Parliament during his brief appearance on February 22, 2022, and that the warning was issued for the purposes inappropriate.

He claims that the President’s actions were illegal, unreasonable and irrational and he will seek declarations from the Court to that effect.

Mr Peters believes that the President’s actions raise important issues in a democracy and that these actions should be reviewed by the High Court as part of judicial review.

Now that the matter is before the Court, Mr. Peters will not comment further.

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