OC District Attorney Candidates on Building Confidence in the Justice System – Orange County Register

“What will you do to build public confidence in the Orange County justice system? That’s what our editorial board asked candidates for the Orange County prosecutor’s office. Here are their answers.

Todd Spitzer: “I will continue to implement common sense reforms to fix the mess left by my predecessor and make our criminal justice system more fair, transparent and accountable. These reforms must not come at the expense of public safety. Above all, I will also continue to prosecute criminals, hold criminals accountable, and advocate for victims. I have led the charge for reforms that aim to reduce recidivism and empower individuals while providing programs and services that will reduce crime and enable formerly charged individuals to be prosperous and productive members of our society. “

Pete Hardin: “I will improve transparency through an unprecedented effort to disclose prosecution data. I will meet regularly with the community, victims and law enforcement, and I will be available to the media. When there are mistakes, I acknowledge them instead of covering them up. I will also develop a team of attorneys who will work to address specific neighborhood concerns, making our office more accessible than it has ever been.

Michael Jacobs: “Emphasize to every attorney and employee that professionalism, competence, and ethics must be the standard applied to all cases, situations, and work products of the District Attorney’s Office. The district attorney’s office should be run like a top-tier law firm with the highest legal standards demanded and expected of every member.