Letter: Quinn Strengthened Dubois County Court System

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of “Vote Democrat” or “Vote Republican” signs, social media posts, and advertisements. Having served in a leadership position in the Dubois County Court System for many years at Dubois County Community Corrections, I have had the pleasure of working with great people on both sides of the ballot, regardless of party . I always vote for the person, not for the party.

Anthony Quinn is on the ballot for Superior Court Justice this year, and his advocacy, experience, and support for treating people with substance use disorders lift him to the top. Anthony is currently an elected prosecutor in Dubois County, and prior to that practiced family law and criminal defense.

In the movies, the prosecutor is always the one who wants to lock up the “criminal” and throw away the key while the defense attorney argues that his client is completely innocent in the jury trial. As a judge, having both perspectives can be extremely valuable, and I have observed that Anthony provides both fairness and justice. These two aren’t mutually exclusive in his day-to-day practice, which is ideal considering that in real life, we find that often arresting officers have fulfilled their role in establishing probable cause that the allegations arose. produced, although considered innocent until proven guilty.

The problem with locking someone up and throwing away the key without addressing the needs and behaviors that brought them into contact with the justice system in the first place is that 93% of all people who go to jail are ultimately released into their community. …our backyards, our workplaces, our churches.

In my experience, Anthony has helped increase public safety in Dubois County through his work with rehabilitation and treatment partners who provide defendants who really want to change their lives the services they need to become productive and functional members of our community.

Anthony always fights to represent victims and families of victims of violent crime. He is the voice of the most vulnerable and the voiceless. He also understands that intergenerational trauma is the gateway drug, and many of those arrested for drug offenses have also often experienced victimization and other forms of trauma.

Its partnership with agencies providing evidence-based intervention, effective case management, and accountability has helped make Dubois County one of the most efficient court systems in the state, and as a judge, I believe that this community would continue to see the high level of safety, fairness and accountability of those involved in the justice system.

Megan Durlauf Ferdinand