Justin Gaethje slams California justice system after Cain Velasquez was denied bail in attempted murder case

Justin Gaethje is unhappy with the California court system’s decision to deny bail for the attempted murder of Cain Velasquez.

The former UFC lightweight title contender took to social media to express his disapproval of the justice system’s handling of Velasquez’s case. Gaethje thinks the state justice system is a mockery and called it “commiefornia.” He even used a clown face emoji in his tweet:

Judge Shelyna Brown delivered the verdict and denied the former UFC champion bail as he awaits his next trial. According to Brown, given the seriousness of Velasquez’s actions, his being at large while the case is still pending could pose a threat to the people of Santa Clara.

Judge Brown said (h/t MMA Fighting):

“It is clear to this court that there is clear and compelling evidence that there is a substantial likelihood that the release will result in serious bodily harm, not only to the plaintiff witnesses named in this case, but to the residents of Santa Clara. This case involves allegations of extreme recklessness towards human life…Hitting a vehicle in the middle of the day while citizens are driving, going about their business and shooting other people from a car, which is reckless in all respects. been hurt. Anyone could have been killed.

Velasquez received support from his fans amid adversity. Some supporters gathered outside the courthouse during his trial. Others started the “Free Cain” movement online, which has taken social media by storm.

GoFundMe Removes Cain Velasquez Fundraisers

Aside from the “Free Cain” movement, Cain Velasquez supporters have also raised funds through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. However, it has now been shut down due to a violation of the company’s terms of service.

On Monday, GoFundMe removed “at least two” of Velasquez’s fundraisers because the platform “strictly prohibits fundraising for the legal defense of a violent crime,” a GoFundMe spokesperson confirmed to MMA Junkie.

“We can confirm that both fundraisers have been removed and all donors have been refunded,” a GoFundMe spokesperson said. “GoFundMe prohibits fundraising for the legal defense of a violent crime.”

Velasquez was recently arrested for attempted murder after a shooting. The former UFC champion allegedly opened fire on a man accused of assaulting a member of the Velasquez family. Velasquez ended up injuring the striker’s father-in-law during the incident.

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