Justice system reforms could lead to longer life sentences for murderers and new laws to criminalize grooming children for criminal gangs

Reforms to the justice system could lengthen life sentences for murderers and also introduce new laws to criminalize grooming children for criminal gangs.

The Minister of Justice will today publish the Justice Plan 2022 containing 159 actions which will also include new measures to combat domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.

It is also hoped that the plan will help reduce the cost of insurance by proposing new legislation to build on measures already taken to help reduce compensation levels for personal injury claims.

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There are also measures to improve the conduct of trials for sexual offences, white collar crimes and organized crime.

Also included are proposals to update the country’s outdated licensing laws, with a general outline to be released in the coming weeks.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said: “We will continue to support An Garda Síochána in its centenary by protecting our communities from crime through increased resources, investments in diversity, training and technology. .

“Work will also progress to reform the justice system and increase its efficiency while creating a family court system that is less adversarial and more family-friendly. The fight against the cost of insurance will also be a priority.

“And I also believe in a criminal justice system where the punishment fits the crime and I will be making proposals to reform the law as it relates to life sentences.”

Minister McEntee said tackling domestic, sexual and gender-based violence is a priority, however.

Minister McEntee added: “Justice Plan 2022 will help us continue to prioritize and deliver the work that will make a real difference for Irish people in the short and long term.

“Action by action, reform by reform, we can make a real difference for the people who rely on us.

“This action plan provides for 159 actions to be delivered in 2022 according to strict deadlines.

“As part of this plan, I will lead work across government to achieve zero tolerance for domestic, sexual and gender-based violence and abuse.

“Victims will also be better supported through the implementation of ‘Supporting a Victim’s Journey’, the plan that puts victims at the heart of the criminal justice system.”

There are also proposals for the introduction of reforms regarding the appointment of judges and for legislation providing for the use of body-worn cameras for gardai.

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