Justice “murdered” him “again”

Daunte Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, said on Friday that the justice system had ‘murdered’ her son ‘again’, after former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter was sentenced to two years for allegedly shot the 20-year-old black man.

The big picture: Potter, who is white, was sentenced to 16 months in prison and the rest on probation, Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu said.

  • Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison had asked the judge to impose a sentence of 86 months, or seven years and two months.
  • After sentencing, the judge, who called Potter “remorseful”, said, “to those who disagree and feel that a longer prison sentence is appropriate, however difficult that may be, please trying to understand Miss Potter’s situation.”

The context: Potter and another officer arrested Wright at Brooklyn Center on April 11 for a hanging air freshener and expired labels, according to an amended criminal complaint.

  • Potter shot and killed Wright as he attempted to take him into custody due to a separate active arrest warrant discovered during the stop.

What they say : “Kim Potter murdered my son, and he died on April 11. Today, justice has murdered him again,” Wright’s mother said at a press conference.

  • “I poured my heart into my victim impact statement which took so long to write… only to get no response at all from the judge, but then when it came to… sentencing Kim Potter, [the judge] broke down in tears,” she added.
  • “We’re here to say we’re very disappointed with the outcome,” she said.
  • “It’s not right, it’s the problem with our justice system today: the tears of white women trump justice,” she added, referring to how Potter cried. on the stand apologizing for killing Wright.

Aubrey Wright, Daunte Wright’s father, said he was “hurt” and “very upset” by his son’s departure.

  • “And it seemed to me that nobody cared,” he said. The court “was so attached to [Potter’s] feelings and what was going on with her, that they had forgotten that my son had been killed.”
  • He added that his family thought they were going to get “some justice”, saying: “I’m coming out of this court feeling like people are laughing at us because [Potter] received a slap on the wrist, and we still sit there crying every night, waiting for my son to come home.”

family lawyers, Ben Crump, Antonio Romanucci and Jeff Storms said in a statement that the family was “completely stunned”.

  • “While there is a small sense of justice because she will be serving a nominal sentence, the family is also deeply disappointed that there has not been a greater level of accountability. The judge’s comments during the sentencing showed a clear lack of compassion for the victim in this tragedy and was devastating for the family.”
  • “Judge Chu’s comments about Potter sounded like a job recommendation, not a senseless, preventable death from a promising life.”

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