High Court judge grants Welsh parents judicial review over forced relationships and sex education

Parents who have fought against compulsory sex education in Wales – which the government says will ‘gradually empower learners’ from an early age on subjects such as equity, sex, gender and sexuality – have obtained a judicial review.

Representing 5,000 parents and grandparents, child protection advocates Public Child Protection Wales have won their first step in a legal challenge to try to overturn compulsory classes in Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE ) of the Welsh Labor Administration.

Public Child Protection Wales called it a ‘social engineering experiment that needs to be stopped’.

“Inappropriate Topics”

The group first filed its legal documents in May and argues that children as young as three will learn about ‘sensitive and arguably inappropriate topics’ such as gender ideology, and that parents are being deprived of their rights by “being denied their age-old right to withdraw their child from sex education.

The Welsh Government says CSR is “designed to protect all our children and young people, helping them to develop knowledge, skills and behaviors that will help protect them throughout their lives and improve their well-being. “.

Judge Turner, sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice on May 27, granted the parents’ claim, which must now be heard before the start of the school year in September. The case will be heard in the High Court in Cardiff on a date to be determined.

In his decision, Justice Turner said: “The issues raised on behalf of the plaintiffs involve the consideration of complex constitutional issues with potentially far-reaching consequences for parents and children. The response of the defendants, even if it is not without force, is not sufficiently decisive to justify the refusal of authorization. »

Human rights lawyer Paul Diamond, who has been appointed by the parents to lead the judicial review, will argue that the case raises very important legal issues, including the human rights of very young children of “l ‘imposition of transient and culturally variable ideologies’. .”

He told The Epoch Times that he would argue that “parental rights status should not have gone through a democratic arm of the Welsh government.”

The exact material content of the Welsh CSR is yet to be released. But RSE is known to have removed the word “sex” entirely from its program as well as the terms “man”, “woman”, “boys”, “girls”, “straight” or “heterosexual”.

Children will also learn about “relationships, rights, equity, sex, gender, sexuality, bodies, body image, sexual health, well-being as well as violence, safety and support. “.

The Welsh Government, he said, will “progressively empower learners at developmentally appropriate stages of learning which “develop learners’ awareness and understanding of different identities, views and values ​​and a diversity of relationships, gender and sexuality, including LGBTQ+ lives.

Social engineering experience

In a recent statement, asylum seeker Kim Isherwood, who chairs the group, said she believes “what is happening here is the sexualization of children, not the raising of children. This is a social engineering experiment that must be stopped.

She added that she thinks the CSR program, as it stands, “could have significant consequences for the mental and physical health of children”.

The Welsh Government insists there is ‘a legal requirement that it must be developmentally appropriate’ meaning that ‘children will receive learning appropriate to their age and maturity’.

Online Safety, Consent and Sexual Health

He said the reforms have been welcomed by a number of respected organisations, including “the NSPCC, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and Welsh Women’s Aid”.

One organization backed by all of the above is called Crush, a resource designed to prepare teachers for CSR.

Its documents state that aspects of queer theory, an ideology that insists that biological sex is socially constructed and that gender can be misassigned at birth, will be taught in schools.

Lucia Thomas, who is part of the Public Child Protection Wales team, told The Epoch Times that bringing queer theory into schools was a major concern for her.

“Children shouldn’t think about their sexuality until they leave primary school. It’s not even healthy for kids to even consider this stuff,” she added.

“My little girl is 12 but when she was younger she was a tomboy. One week she was playing with a soccer ball, the next she was painting her nails. I would be scared if she was young now in schools because they’re impressionable. Young children cling to every word a teacher says,” Thomas said.

A Welsh government spokesperson told The Epoch Times that learners “will only learn subjects appropriate to their age and development. At a younger age, for example, children will learn to treat each other with kindness and empathy. As they get older, they will gain an understanding of topics such as online safety, consent and sexual health, all of which will be handled with sensitivity.

“It’s about ensuring the best outcomes for all learners and their communities: to protect them and keep them safe. Evidence shows that CSR can, for example, help learners understand and participate in healthy relationships of all kinds; reduce all forms of bullying and help learners recognize and seek help for abusive or unhealthy relationships,” he added.


Owen Evans is a UK-based journalist who covers a wide range of national stories, with a particular interest in civil liberties and free speech.