GMA describes PBBM as “the man who values ​​the justice system”

Senior Vice President and Past President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo called President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. “a man who will support the work that trial judges are doing to bring justice to Filipinos.”

Speaking at the 29th Philippine Trial Judges League conference held on October 12 in Subic Bay Freeport, the former president referred to the Senate impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona when President Marcos, Jr. was still a senator.

“In the end, only three senators voted to acquit the then-Chief Justice…The third was Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. This, despite the fact that Judge Corona voted against the Marcos family in the cases he was seized,” Arroyo said.

So our president is a man who believes in justice and principle, a man who will support the work you do to bring justice to our citizens.

Arroyo also clarified that the late Chief Justice received his legal vindication after the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to award his retirement benefits to Corona’s widow, ruling that if impeachment from the Senate as a political process the removed from office, he had not been legally convicted of any crime. .

Additionally, the former president recalled the politically motivated lawsuits filed against her by supporters of her immediate successor to highlight the vital role of trial judges as frontliners in the administration of justice. She said: “I brought up these big cases involving people at the highest level. If injustices can be committed at such high levels, what more can be said at lower levels, involving ordinary citizens. Who will protect them? As trial judges, your decisions will inspire our citizens to believe that the Philippine justice system works.

Underscoring her continued faith in the country’s justice system, she said all cases brought against her ultimately failed “because so many people in our justice system are honest and impartial people who have acted on real evidence and of their conscience, rather than giving way to blind and partisan zeal.

Another speaker at the event was Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo.