Essex Police issue statement after Lee Balkwell judicial review

TODAY judgment has been delivered in the judicial review of Essex Police’s decision not to reopen the investigation into the death of Lee Balkwell. The court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim.

Detective Chief Superintendent Lucy Morris said: ‘Essex Police are, and always have been, committed to getting justice for the victims and their families.

“We know Lee Balkwell’s death is incredibly painful for his family and they still have questions about what happened to him.

“We know there were flaws in the original 2002 investigation and we are very sorry about that.

“However, between 2010 and 2014, we conducted an extensive and thorough investigation into Lee’s death, involving a team of officers performing over 1,000 actions and producing over 4,400 documents.

“A new autopsy has been performed and we have obtained testimony from expert witnesses in the fields of pathology, metallurgy, tachographs and the operation of mixer trucks.

“This resulted in a man being charged with gross negligence manslaughter and brought to trial, for which he was found not guilty but was charged with health and safety offences.

“The investigation into Lee’s death was closed following the conclusion of this trial.

“Whenever new information or potential evidence comes to light, we will always review and review it to see if there are further investigative opportunities.

“However, unfortunately, in Lee’s case, there has been no information or evidence since 2014 that warrants further investigation.

“We want to express our condolences to Lee’s family.”