DOJ remembers FVR as a pillar of improving PHL justice system

OFFICIALS and employees of the Department of Justice (DOJ) led by Secretary of Justice Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla joined the entire nation in mourning the passing of former President Fidel V. Ramos.

Remulla said Ramos will be remembered as a pillar in improving the justice system in the country.

He recalled Ramos, in one of his speeches in 1992, saying, “I am determined that our people will be happy with the justice system. This is the only way for them to appreciate the meaning of the words “rule of law”.

One of Ramos’ legacies as the country’s 12th president, Remulla said, was his order to include, as an integral part of the department’s ongoing education and staff training, the study of human rights. the man.

In addition to this, Ramos has also authorized Deed Registrars to occupy or continue to occupy office space allocated to them in buildings that have been constructed or will be constructed according to construction plans approved under the program. system infrastructure (JUSIP) to ensure protection and preservation. land titles.

“The DOJ will always remember President Ramos and honor him by adhering to his words: ‘Justice is a government project: don’t delay,'” Remulla said.