Danny Hodgson calls for better compensation and legal system after returning to scene of attack

Courageous Cumbrian Danny Hodgson is set to meet with senior Australian state officials in a bid to ensure no one suffers like him.

The footballer, who suffered devastating injuries following an assault last year, wants to see improvements in the justice system.

He also campaigns for better compensation for victims of criminal acts.

Danny, from Bigrigg near Egremont, gave a moving interview to a Perth TV station.

It comes months after a one-punch attack by a teenager left the former Carlisle United youngster fighting for his life.

Speaking to 7News after returning to the scene of his attack, he said: “If anything, I’m really angry with the justice system.

“The justice system is about convicting criminals, protecting citizens and maintaining order across the country.

“But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that a criminal who has 23 offenses shouldn’t be left on the streets.”

Danny spent months in the hospital and, although he amazed the doctors with his recovery, he had to relearn basic functions.

His attacker was sentenced to three years and eight months behind bars.

Danny’s partner Jess Pollock said the pair were considering legal action, adding: ‘Someone has to be held accountable for this and why should we go through this journey and suffer in other ways too – not being able to pay our bills when we were both working.

“I don’t even know if what he did was legal to let him out after breaching bail on 23 counts, I don’t even know.

“But if it’s legal and he followed the law, then the law seriously needs to change.”

Attorney General John Quigley has agreed to meet with Danny and Jess next month.

“I sit in my chair all day because that’s all I can do…I can’t move at all,” Danny added in the interview.

“There’s no point in me being alive. I’m worthless, I’m hopeless…and again, it’s all down to the justice system.

Under Western Australian law, a victim of crime can receive a one-time payment capped at $75,000.

“Please change the law so this doesn’t happen again,” Danny added. “I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”