Court to hear Najib’s application for judicial review against the Department of Prisons on October 19

KUALA LUMPUR: The court has set October 19 to hear Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s application for judicial review over the Department of Prisons’ refusal to let him attend parliament.

Judge Ahmad Kamal Md Shahid set the date when mentioning the case here on Wednesday, October 12.

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Earlier, federal attorney Mr. Kogilambigai asked the court for at least a week to consider Najib’s request for leave to appeal.

“We need time to review the submission and will let the court know if the Attorney General’s Office (AGC) raises an objection,” she said.

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She also said the request was not urgent as Parliament was recently dissolved on October 10.

Najib’s lawyer, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, however, said the matter was urgent as it concerned his client’s right to attend sittings of parliament.

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“There are serious legal issues to be decided by the court – including whether Najib will be where the appointment takes place or whether he can be appointed. I suggest the application be heard on Friday (October 14),” Muhammad said. Shafee.

On October 5, Najib filed the application for permission to initiate judicial review proceedings against the decision of the Department of Prisons to reject his request to attend the sessions of Parliament.

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In the Notice of Motion, the MP for Pekan named the Government, the Minister of the Interior and the Commissioner General of Prisons as the first, second and third defendants respectively.

In his supporting affidavit, Najib said the prison denied his request, citing “security reasons,” on September 28.

Unhappy with the decision, he then appealed to the Home Secretary on September 30 with a request for a quick decision due to the scheduled session of Parliament on Monday October 3.

For the moment, no response has been given by the Ministry of the Interior.

Najib, who has been an MP for Pekan since 1976, said he was wronged by the denial of access to his officers and assistants for the purposes of parliamentary, legislative and constituent work as well as access and participation in Parliament at scheduled sessions. .

He stated that he had an obligation under Article 59 of the Federal Constitution to discharge his duties effectively and substantially as a deputy.

Najib, who was convicted and sentenced in the case of RM42mil SRC International Sdn Bhd, said that although his appeal in the case was dismissed in Federal Court, he remains an active MP for Pekan as he received a suspended sentence and sentence in accordance with article 311 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

He seeks an order of certiorari to overturn the refusal of the Commissioner General of Prisons as well as a declaration of justice that he is entitled to have said access to his constituency and to Parliament.