I have to remind myself from time to time that there are still people who think that government and crime are pretty much opposites. More government, less crime, that’s the vague idea in most people’s barely functioning brains. In the real world, amateur video captures two county deputiesRead More →

New Jersey on Monday proposed a new environmental justice rule that officials say will be the toughest in the nation by dividing nearly half of the state’s population as living in “overcrowded communities” and limiting types polluting businesses that can be built there. Under the rule, DEP could refuse anyRead More →

Is Bongbong Marcos legally qualified to run for president in 2022? Or should his certificate of candidacy (COC) be invalidated? Once again, lawyers will speak out on a crucial issue in determining the country’s future. Whoever they are inclined to support for the presidency, voters should follow the deliberations onRead More →

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently granted certification in Larry Schwartz vs. Nicholas Menas, Esq. (No. A-54/55-20) (085184), in which the court will consider whether to finally abandon the “new business rule”, which categorically prohibits damages for the potential profits of a new business in most civil contracts andRead More →