“ABBA tries to abuse the criminal justice system to harass pro-choice activists”

Maltese doctors have denounced a police report against pro-choice activists, saying the political party behind the reports is abusing the justice system.

A representative of Doctors For Choice, which is among the organizations flagged by the religious group Partit ABBA, said the lack of safe and legal abortion services in Malta poses a risk to women’s health and lives as it breaches European human rights standards.

When asked to comment on the police report drawn up against them, they replied that ‘Party ABBA attempts to abuse the criminal justice system to harass pro-choice activists and criminalize the provision of abortion information”.

“They won’t succeed against us, but they may succeed in overthrowing our country’s democracy if they even come close to power. People who care about democratic values ​​and human rights should not vote for them,” they said.

Aleksander Dimitrijevic, the husband of one of those reported, Dr. Lara Dimitrijevic, lambasted ABBA for speaking out against pro-choice activists.

Partit ABBA filed a police report calling for criminal investigations into 18 pro-choice organizations and activists.

ABBA said it reported the activists to the police to establish whether those reported had broken the law regarding abortion services in Malta. However, party officials did not cite the laws they reported to activists for violation.

The party is known for its fierce stance against abortion, sometimes even spreading false information about the emergency contraceptive, the morning after pill, which the party mistakenly calls “abortive”.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, ABBA party leader Ivan Grech Mintoff said the party ‘stands for life from conception’ and will go ‘against anyone who wants to work for the life of a human ends this way”.

When asked how he thought the case would develop, Grech Mintoff said he was “optimistic that action is being taken on this”.

When asked for a comment, Maltese Police said they are “investigating all allegations of a criminal nature that come to their attention”.

Do you think criminal charges should be brought against these organizations and activists?

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