The criminal justice system continues to operate at ‘unacceptable levels’ in England and Wales and is far from recovering from the ‘shock’ of the coronavirus pandemic, watchdogs have warned. Four high-level inspectors have joined forces to express their “serious concerns” about the situation. Charlie Taylor, Chief Inspector of Prisons, JustinRead More →

Poor knowledge and deployment of Information Technology (ICT) has undermined Nigeria’s policing and criminal justice system. The results revealed that technology and the police have been interconnected for decades, since the advent of the telephone, automobile and two-way radio. Today, technology seems to advance at a pace of geometric progression,Read More →

Human rights lawyers and Aboriginal justice groups have said the Northern Territories government’s new law setting a $15,300 cap on false imprisonment compensation will reduce government liability in prisons, and that it went against the government’s commitment to the Convention against Torture which Australia ratified in 2017. The Personal InjuryRead More →

The first application for judicial review of an arbitrator’s decision under Ontario law building law was fired. In SOTA Dental Studio Inc. c. Andrid Group Ltd.2022 ONSC 2254 (“SOTA“), a three-judge panel of the Divisional Court unanimously dismissed the owner’s application for judicial review of an arbitrator’s order requiring paymentRead More →

Monday, May 9, 2022, 12:10 p.m.Press Release: Rotorua Lakes Council The Rotorua Lakes Council will strongly oppose an application for judicial review of a decision by the Rotorua Lakes Council to bring the Rotorua District Council (Arrangements of Representation) Bill to Parliament. The application was lodged in the High CourtRead More →

On day two of the judicial review of two Greater Victoria school board trustees who were censured and suspended for bullying and harassment, lawyers debated whether the board had the authority to suspend elected officials and whether the suspension was a reasonable sanction . School District 61 administrators Diane McNallyRead More →

The landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade is about to be canceled. A leaked draft Supreme Court decision shows how judges should decide an abortion case. Protesters gathered in Washington to express their thoughts on the issue. Abby Johnson, former director of the Planned Parenthood Clinic, joins us to offerRead More →

The nation’s top federal agency charged with protecting consumers from financial crime released a report last week highlighting the rural challenges of the current banking system. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) report, “Challenges in Rural Banking Access”, found that rural communities are more likely to lack access to physicalRead More →